Bachata (advanced)

Bachata is one of the most famous Latin American dance styles. It’s coming from the Dominican Republic and is now danced widely all over the world, but not exactly the same way. It’s composed of 8 steps, a 3-step including hip motion, followed by a tap on the 4th one, repeated on the other direction. The lower part of the body is generally moving much more than the upper part as this hip movement is very characteristic from the style.

Bachata includes several styles. The original Dominican Bachata is now danced all over the Caribbean. It’s basic step, the small square, is coming from the Bolero. It then added a lot of footwork and some figures, passing from open to close position, alternatively. Later in the 1980, in the Western World, the dancer started moving from side to side instead of the box-step, which gave birth to the Traditional Bachata. The Sensual Bachata is one of the most recent style, very popular in Spain. It’s composed mainly of body waves and circular movement, isolation & dips when the music has strong beats.


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