Sonja KikiZomba fell in love with Kizomba in 2006 during her studies in Coimbra,Portugal. Previously a ballroom and Salsa dancer, she was encouraged to start teaching Kizomba in 2011 in Belgium and Germany. From that moment on she worked intensively also on her leading skills.

Sonja already had dedicated her post grad thesis in 2009 to the economical and political transformation of Angola after the end of the civil war. Her determination to deeply understand Angolan culture pushed her to travel across the country in 2014 and again in 2016.

Her love for the roots of Kizomba, her enthusiastic teaching method and precise explanations got her invited to teach in more than 20 countries across Europe, Africa, Northern and Central America, and taught in all major high quality events such as LIKE festival (Portugal), Luxembourg Kizomba Festival, MBKF (Miami), Sawa Sawa (Washington). She has been appointed to the Jury of different Kizomba competitions, in Germany, Belgium, the United States, and the Caribbean. In 2014 KikiZomba was awarded for preserving and promoting Angolan culture in Belgium. Apart from being appreciated for combining the quality of dancing with the quality of teaching, Sonja is sought after for her ability to teach leaders and followers alike on an equally high level.